Fly Fishing the Green River

James and Gary hit the The Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir near Dutch John, UT. We fished near the Little Hole area for the first night and last morning and took our one-man pontoon boats down the A section in the canyon on the day in between.

Our Takes: In March, the river is in a transition. Midges are the key bug, especially when nymphing, but the baetis are just starting to become a key meal for these fish, especially on top. Flies: Nymphs included Foam Back Baetis Emerger (20-22), Top Secret Midge (22-26, Black Beauty (20-24), tube midges (20-24)); Dries include Purple Haze (18-20), Sprout Midge grey (20-22); Baetis emergers like the grey soft hackle (18-20). Streamers were very hit and miss, but should be effective in the canyon from a boat.

Fish 5x and 6x fluoro on nymph rigs and 5x and 6x mono on the dry rigs. 4-6 weight rods.


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