Fly Fishing Eleven Mile Canyon Spring

To celebrate our One Year Anniversary of SubtleTakes, James and Gary head back to the scene of our first episode and maybe our favorite place to fish in the southern Rockies: Eleven Mile Canyon and the South Platte River.

Our Takes: April is the transition month in Eleven Mile as winter slowly gives way to spring. Midges are still the name of the game here, but blue winged olives are surely becoming the trout’s preferred meal. On warmer, cloudier days, expect to nymph until heads start top appear and then it is time to switch to double dry or dry/emerger rigs.

Flies: Nymphs included Foam Back Baetis Emerger (20-22), Top Secret Midge (22-26, Black Beauty (20-24), tube midges (20-24)); Dries include Purple Haze (18-20), Sprout Midge grey (20-22); Baetis emergers like the grey soft hackle (18-20).

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