We are not guides, nor do we work in the fishing industry. We are just a group of guys who have grown up in Colorado and love to fish. We strive to provide information and insights on a variety of fishing activities pertinent to Colorado and the western states.

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Gary Cordray – Site Host subtletakes@gmail.com


  1. Oh, man. Thanks a lot. We are just trying to have fun and share it with other fishermen. Let us know if there is something or somewhere you would like to see a video on. Or if you need info on someplace.



  2. Love your videos on YouTube.
    I live in Savannah GA but the wife and I will be flying into Denver over the Memorial weekend. Any suggestions on a one or two day excursion to fish? I will just rent a car and drive.


  3. Thanks a lot! Rivers are going to be on the high side due to runoff. As of now, the South Platte is very flushable. Eleven mile canyon is a great spot. Should be busy with Memorial Day. The town of Deckers is closer, but also crowded.Good luck!


  4. Hey stumbled on to your videos passing time. Thought you looked and sounded familiar Gary and after some digging realized that you were my AP English teacher at Ponderosa in 2007. Anyway keep up the videos.
    -Bryan Bernard


    • Bryan, great to hear from you! Do you fish? Or did you fall down some crazy rabbit hole online and end up here? Either way, hope you are well and healthy. You had a rough go there for a while. Cheers!


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