Family Fishing on the San Juan River

Took the family out to the San Juan River this time. It was great to see them experience the Juan for the first time. The flows were very low (around 350 cfs on average), but everybody caught nice fish. The addition of our Creek Company T Rex Mini Drifter made fishing much more productive and enhanced the fun level exponentially! Check it out at…

Our Takes: The San Juan in New Mexico holds more trophy sized trout than any place we have ever fished. They are also highly pressured and used to people as well as fly patterns. While stealth may not be as important here, fly and tippet size are. 6x and size 22-26 are the norm. Make lots of perfect drifts to sighted fish or through obviously fishy areas is the key. And then… hold on tight!

Flies: Dries include Purple Haze (18-22), Black Griffith’s Gnat (20), any midge adult (22-26)

Nymphs: Foam back midge emerger (22-26), foam back baetis emerger (20-22), anallid or worm pattern (18-20), olive RS2 (20).

Fish 5x and 6x mono with dries and 6x fluoro with nymphs. 5 or 6 weight rod.

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