Fly Fishing the South Platte River at Deckers

The Deckers section of the South Platte river is a tale of two rivers: one way to look at it is this section holds an abundance of fish, many reaching 20+ inches; the other is it is overcrowded with anglers and highly pressured. While both are accurate descriptions, it is fair to say that this section of river has a lot to offer and a lot of people who take advantage of that offer. Regardless, it is a great place for us in the Denver Metro area to get away for a half day or so to get a tug on our line.

 Our Takes: Nymph the tailouts of the deeper holes and transition water between seems early in the day with baetis, and caddis imitations as your lead fly and small midge patterns as your trailing fly. Then, as temperatures begin to climb, switch out the lead fly for a stonefly nymph and begin moving up into the run to the shelves that form below the riffles. Look for any type of sudden change in depth or speed in the middle or edge of the riffles to find fish. As the day goes on, keep your eyes on the slack water for noses as fish will begin to key on the emerging mayflies and midges and dry fly fishing becomes an option. 

 Nymphs: prince nymphs, psycho prince, pat’s rubberlegs (size 12-16); beadhead flashback pheasant tails, rs2, barr’s emerger, Cheesman emerger, juju baetis (16-20); graphic caddis, any caddis pupa pattern (16-18); any slender midge imitation in red and black (20-24). Dries: parachute adams, purple haze, extended body bwo (18-20); elk hair caddis, X-caddis (16-18) Fish 5x mono with dries and 5x-6x fluoro with nymphs. 4 to 6 weight rod.



  1. Very cool. I saw this Deckers video & Small Creeks III. I am not a UTube member so I can’t comment there, but keep it up!



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